Friday, April 25, 2014

What a Dog Wants

Barry has a pretty great life in my eyes. He gets high quality, organic, natural treats. He has dog food that even smells good enough for me to eat. We keep the balcony door open (only when we're home of course) for him to go in and out as he pleases. He wears an American made leather collar and his harness is also American made, crafted with thick metal clips and sturdy woven fabric that is nearly indestructible. I must also mention that this harness has velvet under-straps so that he doesn't chafe. He gets a lot of attention and tummy rubs. He always gets at least 4 walks per day and on the week days in the middle of the day he gets a dog walker who occasionally bakes him special treats. Every day people stop us or the dog walker (she texts us to keep us in the loop) to let us know how beautiful Barry is and to ooh and ahh over him. Every night he hops into bed in between husband and I and gets to sleep on a thick and fluffy, luxurious comforter that sits atop a one of the most comfortable mattresses you've ever laid on.

He has all of those things, and more! Does Barry care about any of that? Besides the food and belly rubs of course? Nope! Do you know what Barry wants? What's at the top of his list? OUTSIDE! He knows that word too. If we don't stick to our normal schedule or if Barry starts getting bored he'll let us know he's ready to go into the great outdoors for another adventure. I can chop up full fat mozzarella string cheese, all beef hot dogs, summer sausage, all natural sliced turkey meat and he could leave it all behind for a peek at the squirrel down the alley. Yes, he loves all of those high value treats. He prefers to feed his prey drive, though.

It takes some stubbornness on our part to get Barry's attention and to draw him in with those yummy treats. Eventually it works. Then he realizes he gets treats when he's next to us as well as being OUTSIDE!

I think it's funny all the strides we take for Barry to give him a good life when all he really wants is to be outdoors hunting squirrel and rabbit. He loves getting his belly rubbed too but that's for indoor time.

If Barry had it his way we wouldn't go to work. He'd get a gazillion walks a day. He'd be off leash and get to play with every single dog he saw and he'd get to chase after that rabbit and squirrel FINALLY! We'd still come back inside after our hours long walk to rest a spell, drink some water, and have a snack. We'd all lay together piled on the couch and snooze a bit then we'd do it all over again and go outside once again to play and hunt.

THAT is what a dog wants.

Happy Friday!


  1. How true.

    Nice blog! Barry looks awesome. :)

    1. Thank you! Barry IS awesome! Anyone that has a dog can understand this! Dogs are such wonderful additions to life.

      Thanks for commenting!