Friday, April 18, 2014

Home Renovation & Decorating Ideas - By Barry

As you may or may not know (depending on how closely you follow the blog) we will be getting new flooring in our back room and in our master bedroom. In a few weeks the work will begin. It will probably take about 3-4 days to install the floors, stain, varnish, etc.

New floors? Without my permission or consultation?
Upon sharing this news with Barry I think he got a little jealous. Jealous that we thought of it before him. He likes to be the one to make all the decorating decisions around the home.

Like the time he chewed the wall and door frame.. He likes the shaggy chic look.

And how he prefers that worn in front door look.

On Monday evening I came home to a usual happy and excited pup. He wanted love and kisses and lots of attention. Then he got up and walked to the living room while I was busy putting a few things away in the bedroom. When I finally went into the living room this is what I saw.

Is this not awesome?
At some point during the day he'd pushed out the middle cushion along with the blanket we keep over the couch (to help with the dog hair situation). Notice the tag on the couch? He doesn't chew furniture, just tags left on furniture - for some strange reason.

Then he promptly laid down in his new couch nook.

Look! I can even lay down in it... Fashionable and functional .
Last week I came home to the couch pushed back several feet and turned facing the windows. I didn't get a picture of that, unfortunately.

Barry likes to spruce things up around the home to his taste. Sometimes his taste can be questionable.

Like the time Barry went through his grunge phase and wanted to redecorate Grandma's back entryway. Very questionable taste. After this fiasco he soon learned that the grunge look is best left in the 90's. 

We love him anyway. Good taste or bad. Happy Friday!


  1. Cmon, that is just ike the stages we went through as aduts without the teethmarks for the most part hehehe....

    1. Yes, that's true. I can admit that sometimes my taste is also questionable. We learn as we go!