Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Enough is Enough

We've been worn too thin. We can't take anymore.

One too many pairs of panties have been eaten. Too many pairs of socks with holes. Dog hair all over the black sweater I'm wearing right now. Too much money spent on lint rollers. Too much money spent on "high value treats" like string cheese, hot dogs, good lunch meat, and summer sausage. Husband and I want to eat the high value treats but they're for Barry so we can't and it isn't fair. Too much space taken up on my iPhone with all the pictures taken of Barry. Too much fresh air with all the walks we have to take now. We've met too many new people in our condo and in the surrounding areas. All because of Barry.
Enough is enough. We're calling it quits. This is all too much. He's gotta go.
Ha ha! We twicked you!!
I actually felt bad writing that last line. Of course he's not going anywhere. Ever. 
Happy April Fools everyone!!

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