Sunday, April 20, 2014

Eggy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! 

A park near where we live had a Dog Easter Egg Hunt.

We didn't know how Barry would do. If he was going to be wild and crazy and rude. Or if perhaps he was going to enjoy it and be happy to meet new dogs and be cool.

He did really well. He still got a bit excited but for the most part his greetings were calmish and we could keep his attention better than we thought.

There was the incident where a sweet girl was able to sneak some of Barry's Easter eggs while Barry wasn't looking.

Barry quickly refilled his basket, though. 

Then he got a taste for the Easter egg. It became quite addicting.

We didn't realize how in deep Barry was until later on at home. 
Brace yourself for what you're about to see. The consequence of Easter egg addiction is serious.

We will need to watch out for Barry and the Easter egg issue but we think we can keep it under control. He might have a new addiction.

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