Friday, April 4, 2014

Picky Pibble

I thought Barry would EAT anything. If it was dropped on the floor he was there to clean it up. No matter the ingredient. I thought. I now know I was wrong.

Here are the things I know he doesn't like individually:
Rice - plain
Pumpkin puree
Broccoli - raw

He will eat broccoli plain if it's roasted, however. For that I can't blame him. I don't particularly love raw broccoli myself. On a totally separate and not-about-Barry topic, broccoli contains goitrogens which inhibits thyroid functionality. Cooking the broccoli just a little bit causes the goitrogens to become inactive and removes the bitterness making your broccoli not only taste better but enables your body to better digest the broccoli. Broccoli isn't the only vegetable with this affliction. Okay - back to the real stuff. Barry...

Barry's treat box. We also have a few calming chews in here that we don't give him
unless necessary. He hasn't needed the calming chews in quite some time.
I was shocked when a couple of weekends ago I tried to feed him banana from my hand and he sniffed at it and looked away. WHAT?? Same with the apple.

The rice and pumpkin puree is what we feed to him when he has diarrhea, which happens to be more often than what we'd expect. We never feed him only rice and pumpkin puree. We add a good lean protein to it as well. He eats it as long as it's thoroughly mixed with each bite having bits of protein in them. Without the lean protein he won't even grace the combo with a sniff. WE MUST ADD MEAT. I found this out when I put just rice and pumpkin in his KONG one day and topped with banana and pumpkin. That KONG wasn't touched.

No, I did not eat the paper from that box. 
I know there are picky eaters out there but I never thought my Barry would be one of them! In one of our first obedience classes we met a sweet tiny dog that wouldn't eat her treats! I just thought how funny that must be, to have a dog that would not eat something you tried giving them. Now I see it with Barry. He is picky after all.

Perhaps he would eat those things happily if he were hungry and that's all he had available. I guess it's a good sign that he doesn't eat what he doesn't want to because he's well fed. I guess I can relate. Being well fed myself I don't usually eat what I don't want either.

Happy Friday!

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