Friday, September 19, 2014

Date Nights

Please come back home. Also, I'll have that KONG.
Husband and I enjoy getting out and doing things on our own, without Barry, sometimes. We like going out with friends when we can. Mostly, we enjoy time at home with each other and Barry. We cannot always just stay at home, though. We also can't always bring Barry with us when we go out. We love to incorporate him but it's not always possible.

I like it when I get to join you when you go out.
Our evenings out are easier than they used to be. As long as we have a tasty KONG for Barry he's fine with us leaving. That doesn't mean he wants us to leave. He's okay with it, though. We also keep the T.V. on for him and a few lights around the home.

I think the first couple of times we left him alone for a few hours in the evening I had Barry on my mind most of the night. Thinking of him and if he was upset or sad. I enjoyed myself but not as much as I can now. It's gotten easier.

Yeah, go enjoy yourself. I'll lay here with my fake fox and half chew bone. But enjoy your
friends and your mouthwatering steak. I'll just be here...
I still have that pang of guilt, though. I don't know if that will ever go away. And why should it? We have brought Barry into our home and we are responsible for him 100%. If he's unhappy or upset we are responsible. When we leave him at home to get out and have fun Barry doesn't get to also get out and have fun with his buddies. He's stuck at home. I don't want anyone to say to me, "Well, he's just a dog!" I can't even get on that level of thinking. Yes, he's a dog. He does have different needs than I do. He is still a clever, living being, a social and active creature, with feelings, preferences, and a brain that learns and remembers things. So my guilt is justified. Don't tell me not to feel bad, because I think I always will just a little. I am a grown woman and if I feel guilty or bad for something it's because of a good reason. Now respect my guilt and move on. There. I'm done.

I'll just watch some television while you guys are out enjoying life. Once again, nothing's
on, but at least I know you'll come back home.
This is why I'm so glad there's daycare for him. Husband and I may want to do something during the weekend. Leaving Barry always feels a little wrong when we know he can use more activity and daycare can provide us with guilt-free alone time while it gives Barry what he craves most; social activity with other dogs. No sad dog, and no guilty people.

Yep, thank goodness for daycare! I'm going for my masters in recess right now.


  1. Haha so cute! Glad daycare is working for you guys, you have us starting to consider it for our pups. This is my last year at school and this term is all worked out doggy wise, but next term we might need some help.

    1. We like the daycare since he's an only dog and because he absolutely loves playing with other dogs. He needs it and we can't have enough play dates so daycare is our best option right now in life. Also, they are great at his daycare. You can just see how much they love animals and it makes me feel really good to have him there.

  2. You're reply to the "he's just a dog" argument was the best one I've ever seen. Thank you!!!