Monday, April 28, 2014

Maxin & Relaxin

Does that title bring back any cool 90's memories? Like an after school TV show about a family that was flipped, turned upside down? Will Smith? The Banks' family? Bel Air? If you don't remember this then you may be too young or had a childhood that was spent outdoors on a farm and have never gone inside since (so why are you reading this blog??). Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! If you don't know then please google the theme song for the show. I know every. Single. Word. My mom and I would watch the show together and I'm pretty sure she encouraged me to sing along to the theme song and I did. I still think about it and I still remember every. Single. Word.

BUT this post has nothing to do with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It's all about Barry, still. It's about our lifestyle. It's about maxin and relaxin. Husband and I work Monday through Friday in a typical corporate America setting. We sit at desks, do stuff on the computer, work with humans, think about retirement, and then come home around 6 PM everyday. Even though most of our day consists of sitting down, we are tired! I do work out at least four days per week plus I walk to and from work (weather permitting) which is about a mile and a half each way. I consider myself relatively active during the day. That's not including walking Barry. All this to say, we work, work out, walk, walk Barry and WE ARE TIRED. The weekends are purely all about relaxing. That's not to say we don't love doing other things besides relaxing! We love going out and having a good time. We like all of that fun stuff. However, most of our evenings and weekends do consist of us relaxing or hanging out, or maxin and relaxin.

We happen to be lucky that Barry enjoys this lifestyle as well. He doesn't mind sitting around and lounging with us. He likes to be with us, doing whatever we do. I know he'd prefer being outside a lot more. We take him out as much as is reasonable to us. I think that's why he's cool with maxin and relaxin. He is so good at it too! I think he's better at it than we are. He really knows how to chill...

Sometimes I feel bad that we don't have a yard for him to run around in at will. Then I realize that he's totally fine with it. It's very possible that he gets more exercise than some dogs WITH yards. So he does enjoy downtime with us.

Don't worry - those grapes were only eaten by us. Barry is picky, remember? He
could have cared less about those grapes. Now the Lomo Curado we were eating?
That's a different story, hence his huge tongue taking over his whole snout.
This is what we do. We take nice fulfilling strolls outside with Barry and we relax a lot. It's just the way it is. Husband and I have very similar outlooks and interests. We also both like down time. We're so happy that Barry likes down time too. I think he fits very well into our life and we fit into his.

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