Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Confessions of a Dog Mommy

I try to be as open and honest in each post as I can regarding Barry without divulging too much of my private life. This blog is all about Barry and there are bits in between that I cannot help but explain which gets into some of our goings-on. I never want this blog to be about me or Husband.

This post will be a lot about me, this time. My confessions. It all circles back to Barry of course. So it's still all about Barry but these are my deep-dark-Barry secrets.

Confession #1
I can't contain how much I love Barry. I mean that I've never loved an animal this much. I love people this much. I happen to love Barry equally as much as a person. I feel bad about it a little. I don't want to be someone that treats their dog like a human but I think it's too late for that. I justify most of what I do with Barry thinking it's necessary or "for Barry's own good" so I'm torn on this love I feel for him. 

Confession #2
I wake up in the middle of the night half asleep because many times Barry will lay his huge, heavy head on my feet or legs. Instead of moving him I sit up and love on him for a bit. I pet his sweet velvet face and scrub behind his ears. I scratch his belly a while and then lay back down in my awkward position that's a little too warm but I don't care because it's Barry laying there and he's kind of precious to me.

Confession #3
I get jealous when Barry lays next to Husband and not next to me when we're on the couch.

Confession #4
I feel sad when Barry is laying with his head on my lap then he suddenly switches positions to a curled up ball and he's no longer close to me. It seems like he's mad at me or annoyed by me. 

Confession #5
I think Barry is cuter than your dog. Not to say I don't find your dog super cute. I totally do. I just think Barry is cuter.

Confession #6
I don't know how many exactly but a conservative estimate of the number of pictures I have taken of Barry is around 1,700. In less than four months.

Confession #7
I am just now starting to come around to liking walking Barry. I always go out with Husband when he walks Barry but I rarely walk Barry myself. I do walk him but I'm just now starting to like it. He was really difficult to walk for the first bit we had him. He is so much better on a leash now and easier to control (unless there is a squirrel). I am super thankful to Husband for taking over this task and walking him. I feel pretty guilty about this one. I feel bad that my Husband does pretty much all of the walking and that I haven't really enjoyed walking Barry up until more recently. 

Confession #8
I love it when people want to pet Barry and compliment how pretty he is. It makes me so proud and that makes me really like that person just for liking my dog.

Confession #9
When people tell me about how their kid did this or that, or the issue they might be having, etc., I can totally relate now. In my mind I'm thinking, "I know! Barry does the same thing! When Barry is sick we..." but I don't say it aloud because then they'd think I was crazy comparing Barry to their child. I'm not actually comparing the two. I still would never say it to someone. Except I just now did.

Confession #10
I kiss him right on his soft pit bull lips. He really has these ridiculously soft poofy lips that I just love. They are super smooth, and smushy, and kissable. Many times he'll kiss me back and his tongue gets into my mouth. Kind of like french kissing only it's not because it's innocent and I would never advocate or take part in that kind of behavior. 

So now you know my secrets.


  1. OK, LOL, you are smitten with with it!!!

  2. I love this post!! :-) And feel the same way about my pups.

  3. Just caught up with this one, we are in a parallel universe ;-)

    I'm the same way with all your items, but re walking, I see you're using a harness. Is it the Freedom No Pull? If not, you might give that a try, very well made, velvet lining on the underarms and extremely well made. Better control because the main pull us around the girth instead of from the chest. PM me if you want more info.

    1. It is the Freedom Harness. We love it so much! Also, I've come around to loving walking him. It's taken time but he's such a good dog and walks well unless there are squirrels!!