Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog

So happy to lay in Grandma's fern garden!
Some days I feel self pity, or off for no real reason. Some days I get annoyed by small things like reading an email with spelling or grammatical errors (though, I realize I'm not perfect either). We all have those days. For no reason in particular, sometimes for a good reason, but usually it's just for no reason at all. The internal struggle. Some days, I'd like to have some of Barry's ever-happy, always jubilant attitude. In general I am positive and happy. I've often been told how nice I am to be around because of my temperament. I don't know many people that are naturally as happy and positive as I am. Except Barry. He is naturally happy and positive andthensome. He is exuberant, willing, curious, and trusting. He is the epitome of happy.

So happy with my big tongue out!
Barry can be sick but he'll always still be happy. He may rest some but if you encourage him he's up with tail wagging. Outside, he's on the go and ready to take on the world.

So happy being me!
We have gone to the vet a twice in the last two weeks. The first was because of this, and then we went on Tuesday because he was due for a Bordetella booster and distemper. We would have gotten that all out of the way the first time around but we didn't realize until Monday that he was due.

So happy to lay on the couch and show it all off!
Some dogs get scared going to the vet. They cower, hide, whine. Not Barry. He pulls us to the door and tail wagging he excitedly waits in anticipation of the needles and people who will be touching him and handling him. He loves it! The girls there all love him too. We were told he is so good and stands still during the poking and prodding. One girl even gave him a kiss right on his head saying how cute he was.
So happy being a goofball!
The day he came out of the vet's office with the water hunch back he was as happy as could be. Trotting around, water hunch back sloshing back and forth, with his big happy smile. It seems nothing can get him down.
So happy to have a water hunch back. Makes me feel good!!
The closest thing to him being upset or unhappy was Memorial Day weekend. Read about that if you haven't.

So happy taking selfies with Mom!
Barry is eager to go new places, meet new people (and dogs), and see new things (i.e. try new foods). I love that he is so happy and willing. It makes him a lot easier to be around than most people who could learn a thing or two from dogs.

Know what? I'm just happy!


  1. Such a cutie! I love how happy dogs are. :-)

  2. I linked to your post, hope you don't mind! :-)

  3. Barry sounds like Petey! Petey's either happy, happier, or asleep. What's a water hunch back?

    1. I love them! I love the joy they bring!

      A water hunch back is my way of describing what the subcutaneous injection solution looked like on Barry. Barry had awful (liquid) diarrhea for about 24 hours and little water. He became very dehydrated and when we took him to the vet they suggested he either stay for the day on a drip IV to become fully hydrated or they could do an injection of fluid under his skin so he could carry the liquid with him and it would slowly absorb throughout the day keeping him hydrated. It sounds strange but it's a thing. They literally inject a solution into the skin and the dog gets a bubble under their skin. For Barry his was done on his back between his shoulder blades. It looks like a squishy water hunch back. It's so funny. Read about the blog post here:

  4. Whata happy pup. LOL my Freighter is not a fan of the vet. He is a typical Chessie and doesn't like to be poked and prodded. :) The other two don't mind.