Friday, February 13, 2015

Reminiscing for a Valentine's Day Post

I remember when we first got Barry. That very first day. I had no idea of the impact he would make on us. Having a dog, Barry, has been transformative.

Driving him down the interstate to his new home. To our new life. For him, away from chaos and sickness. Away from confusion and despair. Away from possible death. A place to lie down and rest. A home that he would quickly learn to love. Somewhere he was safe and healthy. A family that would love him and one that he would love in return. It really did seem so simple. Taking a dog in to rescue. Feeding him. Petting him. It became all those things and it became more.

Looking in the rearview mirror at this sweet-new stranger was overwhelming and exciting. He belonged to us now. No turning back. Driving him away from the things he knew, the things he'd gotten used to and to a new place that would be overwhelming and exciting to him. We all felt it. That feeling of not knowing what was to come but willing to take it all on just for a chance at peace and continuity. For just a glimpse at love.

He was lying on the seats folded down with the crate on top (which he would later destroy) and a blanket on top of that. He clung to the blanket as I drove us down the interstate. His eyes were wide. He was silent and ready for whatever was next. He still has that attitude about all things. Ready to take on whatever comes his way. He's an adventurer, Barry. Even then, in our back seat, he was ready for adventure. Ready for whatever. He was also aware that he was going somewhere strange and new. I don't know if he knew how much he'd be treasured and loved. I sure hope he knows now.

I am not the type of gal that's huge on Valentine's Day. I am sentimental and I do love love. I love being in-love. I love loving. Valentine's Day, though, is a good reminder of what's important to you in your life if nothing else. Your family, your passions, your children, your job, your hobbies, your spouse, your pets. Whatever it is you love, love it with gusto! Love it without shame. Just love it and let that love take you wherever it needs to take you.

While today isn't exactly Valentine's Day (we'll ignore the fact that it's actually Friday the 13th!) it's close enough. I wanted to wish everyone a great day and weekend with their loves (whatever their love IS) and get all gushy over Barry.

**On a totally separate topic; I do apologize for not posting for a few months. If you'll remember (if not I'm about to tell you) I had just started a new job where I had plenty of free time to blog and write. Now that I've been on for just over a year I'm busier and have more responsibility than before. I don't have a lot of time left to blog or write regularly, sadly. When I get home I have the home to take care of, my husband to spend time with, and of course Barry requires tons of love and attention. We are all happy and healthy. Nothing to worry about. I just can't take the time to have a regular post for the time being. Cheers, everyone!