Friday, March 21, 2014

Carpet That Can Take No More

A quick update from yesterday's post: Barry did poo in the back room again. Twice. The scene was similar to Wednesday. We cleaned it up and we moved on.

Nuthin' to see here guys.
This morning I'm glad to report that we had a great AM walk and he went #2! I cannot believe how excited I get when he poos. The trees were interesting this morning but not that interesting. Hopefully this means no accidents in the back room at all today. We did get a text from our dog walker a bit ago letting us know there were no accidents! That is truly exciting for us.

I think Husband and I have decided to get wood floors in the back room. Before we adopted Barry we thought of getting wood flooring in our back room anyhow. It's a large room that can be used as a bedroom/office and den. Plus now that we do have Barry that carpet has been ripped up, glued back in, ripped out again, peed on, bleached, poo'd on and cleaned with numerous enzymatic cleaners that haven't worked well for us. The carpet got ripped because of the crate incident from this post.

It wasn't me! I was sleeping the whole time!
At this point we are unable to get the smell out 100% and I know that if I can smell it a tiny bit by sticking my nose to the carpet I KNOW Barry can smell it and he'll continue to go in the same spots until we get rid of the carpet and the padding. Wood floors might not be the answer but we really don't know what else to do. I feel like Barry will stop, maybe he won't. I hope he will. I know the smell will be gone so he won't really have any reason to go back there anymore. The only reason he ever started in the first place was because he got sick. It just continued from there. Wood floors will be nice.

We've used three different types of Nature's Miracle enzymatic cleaner. The Original, the No More Marking, and the Urine Destroyer. They all smell nice. People love them and they have great reviews. I think the key is to use the cleaner as soon as the accident happens. We have never been able to use it as soon as it happens because he has all of his accidents when we're at work during the day. We don't know how many spots there are. We don't know, as we pour the NM over the supposed spots, if we're covering the full area because it's no longer wet. We don't know if this stuff is soaking into the underneath pad properly to really get the urine out. We just don't know. So I'm sad to say that Nature's Miracle hasn't really worked for us. I know it works for like 99% of people who try it so don't let this deter you from giving it a try.

He doesn't understand why I keep sticking the camera in his face. 
Thankfully today is Friday. The carpet will get a much needed break from Barry's assaults because he doesn't dare do his business in the house when we're there. Today is also the second day of Spring. I'll believe it when I see it.

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