Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bath Time For Barry

While we were away on vacation Grandpa took Barry all around our neighborhood and beyond. They spent so much time outdoors and I'm sure Barry absolutely loved it! Being outside with melting slushy-yucky-snow crud = getting dirty. One of the first things I noticed when I saw Barry was how dirty he was! His coat was sort of dull and had a yellowy tinge to it. He also smelled of Fritos and dog. Of course that didn't stop me from loving on him and hugging him!

The following day Husband brushed his coat and we vacuumed him and his coat was looking great once again. It had it's shine back and the yellowy tinge wasn't noticeable any longer. He still smelled though. It had been nearly 3 months since his last bath so we decided it was probably about time for another bath anyway.

Plenty of treats, shampoo, measurer to pour water, an old towel, and
soothing conditioning spray for afterwards.
We got our supplies ready and lured Barry toward the bathroom. He doesn't really love the bathroom anyway because of this.

Do I have to go in there?
We're trying to convince him this is a great idea.
He's not buying it. As a side note you can clearly see
how we have not yet attempted to fix the door frame.
A whole bowl of treats is way more convincing than
just one treat.
Almost there...
He's in! Now to wash and give treats...
For treats he'll do nearly anything.
I'm about to shake my body and
send water all over everything now.
I was unable to successfully take many pictures while bathing him. Giving treats, scrubbing, and taking pictures all at once is not something I've mastered yet. For anyone that washes their dog all by themselves is someone to be admired. This was definitely a two person job.

You guyzzzz... I can't believe you made me do that!

At this point he's actually enjoying Husband wiping him dry. He just
loves being touched and rubbed so this part is okay for him.
Now he's good to go for a few more months. He smells so good and his coat is so super smooth right now. I purchased this Soothing Anti-Itch Conditioning Spray from Petco knowing we'd be bathing him this weekend. I wanted to get him something that would help restore a bit of moisture to his skin and help with itching. He's got pretty sensitive skin that I've noticed so far and bathing someone or a pet with sensitive skin can exasperate itchiness and dryness. I also loved that this stuff only has 6 ingredients in it.

This label looks a bit different than the one we have but
it's the same stuff and it smells really nice.
Now we just have to allow him to completely dry before taking him outside for his next walk.
Life is ruff. But I'm pretty lucky. 

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