Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thirsty Thursday and Boot Update

Tonight, while Mom and Dad enjoy complicated drinks for their thirsty Thursday I will enjoy cool, refreshing, filtered water. Mmm... I love thirsty Thursdays!

Boot Update:

Remember the boots Barry ate the back of that I decided I could try and fix? Well, here's a picture of my attempt at hot glueing the boot back together along with a sort of bigish piece that I could not fit back in place...

They look almost okay...

After wearing them all day on Wednesday and trudging through ice and snow and slush every single piece I glued in fell out and they wound up looking exactly like they did before I glued all the pieces back in. At least I tried. I did find out, though, that I cannot feel the difference between missing pieces from the heel and a full-intact heel - it feels exactly the same! So I can continue to wear these throughout this weather mess and then I'll toss them and buy new ones for next winter season. 

A drink and a nap.

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