Friday, January 31, 2014

Day Three: TGIF

Now that we had the crate reinforced and hopefully impermeable we were able to put Barry in the crate during the day while we were gone. As much as I was against it I decided that I'd like to keep Barry because if we didn't crate him he'd escape.
Me and Barry! This picture was taken 15 minutes before I realized he had eaten a hole through a pair of my husbands leather Red Wing boots. Yikes...
Husband's co-worker met us at 7AM to bring things that might help Barry get through the day while we were gone as best as possible. Due to the activity of the previous day my husband contacted her letting her know how distressed we were and that we weren't sure what to do anymore. She was able to go to a pet store that night and pick up a few things that she said she'd bring to us. I was so relieved knowing she'd be bringing over things that could help us and help Barry. I was willing to try just about anything! She has also been a huge help for us during this time with Barry.

We took Barry down for his walk and she was waiting at the front of our building and gave us the bag of goodies. Once we got back in I opened the bag to find many things that could be very helpful. Calming chews, calming collar, Sonic Egg (see picture below), a no bark collar (not a shock collar), a Kong toy and maybe a few other things. We were unable to use the Sonic Egg right away because it needed a special battery but everything else was ready to go. I placed the calming collar on him and the no bark collar (which emits an annoying sound that dogs can hear to help control barking - it's humane and safe). I gave him 4 calming chews and we began our normal morning routine.

The Sonic Egg. It has indoor and outdoor settings. If you have a dog that barks a lot this egg catches the noise and emits an ultrasonic sound only dogs can hear (similar to the no bark collar we were given). We hang it on the coat rack shelf right by the front door.
Before I left for the day I put him in the crate with some treats, left a few lights on throughout the condo and put on light rock music. I just hoped that all of the things we used would help him. The calming chews, collar to calm him and the no bark collar to help keep him quiet so the neighbors wouldn't be upset or bothered.

I got to work and emailed the resident dog walker that our building manager recommended to me. I wanted her to start ASAP but I knew she'd need to meet us and Barry first. I just hoped that she'd respond quickly so we could start the process.

Once again at lunch I got on the train to go home to Barry. Nerves and all. I got home and Barry was still in the crate! I didn't know if he was upset or whining the whole time but at least he hadn't hurt himself or gotten his head stuck. I felt pretty good about the crate situation at that point. It seemed like he was okay with the crate. Before I left to go back to work he went into the crate easily and I gave him some treats.

Barry waiting patiently for his treats.
When I got back to work I had a response from the dog walker. She was willing to meet with us on Monday after work to go over the details, the cost, etc. Finally! This would make my life so much easier!

At the end of the day around 6PM I got off the train and saw my husband was in the train car in front of me. We were both home at the same time! I ran to catch up to him. He looked frantic and said, "Did you get the text about Barry??" What text?! "The text said, 'dog escaped twice in the last hour.'" Whaaaaat? That can't be! Maybe there is a delay with the texts - that has to be from yesterday! We walked quickly to our building and as soon as we entered we saw the door man and there was Barry at the front desk. The building manager met us there as well. I think we were both speechless. I know I was. There were residents standing around and all praising Barry and saying how sweet/cute he was, etc. I was overwhelmed and totally confused. I finally turned my full attention to Barry and his face!!! His poor face! That was the first thing I might have said, "Oh my god! His poor face!" I was so upset.
Barry's poor face after the crate incident.
I went to our condo to grab his leash while Husband waited with Barry at the front desk. I quickly went to the back room to see what happened. Was it possible that I just didn't latch the door? When I saw the crate I was once again floored. The door was latched alright but the bottom portion was bent up and out. He was able to pry open the metal crate posts, push his face through and force his way out of the crate then escape the unit. Wow. Houdini. And a now-useless crate - totally ruined.

The rest of the night was mostly a normal Friday night. We touched on the idea again about Barry being too much dog for us but I think at that point we had our mind made up. We'd need to try harder. It was decided we'd get a deadbolt put in and that was really was the only option we had as far as making sure Barry didn't escape again. A crate wasn't going to hold him.

I drove to Home Depot that night, picked up a deadbolt, called the vet to make an appointment (we wound up going with a different vet that accepted walk ins), got home, and drank 'Polish Cognac'.

Here's to you, Barry.

Thank god it was Friday.

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