Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On Going Naked: For Better or For Worse?

I find it funny how up-in arms people get over minor things about animals. For example: Dressing your dog. I recently read an opinion written about this subject. The person was quite angry and adamant about the topic. He stated that those who dress their dogs up or put sweaters, shirts and boots/shoes on their dogs are treating them like humans and that dogs should be treated as dogs. He felt that if you dress your dog at all the animal should be taken away from you as you aren't letting the animal be itself and that it's dangerous to personify a dog. He said it makes dogs unhappy and it's unhealthy, etc, etc.
He called the people that put clothing on their dogs some awful names and he was pretty upset over it all. He really seemed sincere (except for the name calling and hatred) about animal rights and welfare. Unfortunately for him, he was rude, demeaning, hateful and it was all just over an opinion. AN OPINION. I think how each individual takes care of their dog is based on their relationship with their dog and what they know their dog likes or doesn't like.


Which is best? Naked or Clothed?

If you put scarves and sweaters and booties on your dog during the cold winter months and your dog doesn't protest then have at it! In my OPINION when it's cold outside I bundle myself up with lots of layers, a heavy coat, thick socks, boots, gloves, hat, and scarf. Why? Because it's cold and this winter has been really cold and in order to withstand more than five minutes outside I need a few extra layers. I then imagine Barry going outside with his short hair and nearly bald undercarriage going outside in the freezing weather with piles of cold snow and ice on the ground and thirty mile an hour winds. When it's cold like that we need to limit the amount of time we're outside as much as possible. Barry still needs a walk and he still needs to use the bathroom so we all bundle up (including Barry) because the amount of time it will take will likely still be longer than we actually want to be outside. I imagine if Barry had longer and thicker hair I wouldn't even be writing about this as it may not be necessary. Or maybe I'd dress him up anyway for funzies.

This was for funzies.
Yes, I have been known to let Barry wear my nice royal blue scarf where I wrap his neck and head to cover his ears. Along with that he'll wear one of a few sweaters we have for him or his red puffer coat if it's especially cold out and always his purple booties. So what? Barry doesn't care. He stands still while we get him ready and he's only anticipating going outside. That's really all he cares about. At this point always putting booties, sweaters, scarves and a harness on him is only out of necessity. It's cute, yes. It's also terribly time consuming (the booties are the most time consuming).

When we are in our home we typically let Barry run around au natural. Our condo is warm and dry and there is no need to bundle Barry up inside. If we lived in the apartment we lived in a few years back we might consider keeping a sweater on him indoors (that place was so old and so cold during the winter it was ridiculous). We got lucky with our condo - we've never needed to turn the heat on - ever. It stays a constant 70-73 degrees. We're not 100% sure why but it's fine with us and it keeps us all nice and comfortable, including Barry.

A few times this week it was pretty nice out and we didn't need to put a sweater or booties on Barry. What freedom! Barry could have also cared less one way or the other. He just wanted to be outside. Of course, today is freezing and snowy and windy again so booties and sweaters are back in order.

A less practical reason for having Barry wear a scarf or cute sweater? Because he looks cute in it and it helps make him not so fearsome or intimidating to those that are either scared of dogs in general or scared of Barry because of his good looks.

In the end Barry would probably happily go outside with or without booties and sweaters. However, it means if he's naked outside when it's cold enough he also won't enjoy it as much and probably be ready to go inside a lot sooner. I think when it warms up we'll happily take him outdoors in the nude (not us, Barry). I will put a bandana around his neck and probably buy him a cool lightweight t-shirt or two as well. Barry doesn't care, though. No one else should either.

Does this look like a fella that cares if he wears a sweater
or not? He's happy and that is what's most important.

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