Friday, February 28, 2014

Vacation - The Aftermath

Our quick jaunt to Puerto Vallarta was pretty awesome. The weather was warm with a gorgeous ocean breeze, the skies were blue, the food was delicious, margaritas were tangy and probably too numerous, and seeing my folks was the cherry on top.

Husband walking along the beach.
After Father in-law arrived and we spent a few days with him watching him take care of Barry we really knew our Barry was in good hands. This helped in making our vacation quite worry free. I was able to really enjoy my time away instead of thinking of Barry and wondering if he was okay. There was no doubt in my mind that he didn't wonder where we were but ultimately we'd come back and all would be back to normal.

My husband received daily texts from his dad letting us know how everything was going. I enjoyed reading them knowing Barry was having fun and that Husband's dad really loved Barry. As I stated before, we felt the biggest relief would be knowing that Barry was safe and happy. An extra 1/2 pound or so would be no big deal. Though, we'd rather there be no weight gain so we can have a healthy dog. The healthier the dog, the longer they'll live - obvious math.

So happy everyone's back together. Ahhh...
Check out my new cool bandana Grandpa gave me!
We returned from our vacation feeling refreshed and slightly sunned (which is a good thing because we were probably missing that good vitamin D from the lack of sun during the winter). Barry was happy to see us, tail all waggly and he licked our faces off! It was awesome to see him. Husband's dad stayed for another day then left for home in Wisconsin.

Not fair! Why can't Grandpa live with us? I can't
even believe this right now. I have to sulk awhile.
We deduced that Barry was most likely overfed. The only proof we had was that the summer sausage we use strictly for walking treats was nearly gone (I bought a new log right before we left and 4 days later there was only the tip left) and a whole bag of brand new treats that was just bought was down to about 5 or 6 treats. Father in-law also admitted to feeding Barry a little of his McDonald's hamburger and fries, and then a little bit of pizza. I did freak out about the burger and fries, and pizza and am still a bit fumed about that because all of those things should never be fed to a dog. Never. I did let Father in-law know this, explaining how hard all of those things are on their systems. Not to mention it's sort of like giving Barry a tiny bit of poison! I know he didn't eat much of any of those things but still... Perhaps I'm overreacting?

On day two in Puerto Vallarta we received photographic evidence of Barry not wearing his PAWZ out on a walk with Grandpa.

Picture taken by Grandpa and sent to us via his old-school flip phone.
Here you can see he doesn't have booties on. It's not really
the end of the world but it is funny because he sort of told on himself.
We also have photographic evidence of Barry's harness not hooked up correctly on a walk with Grandpa.

It's hard to tell from this picture but if you have ever used a Freedom
Harness then you can see the leash is not connected properly to the
harness. Also not the end of the world.
All in all Barry was taken care of and was happy. Sure he was overfed, wasn't always made to wear his PAWZ out on walks, and probably had the leash hooked up to his harness incorrectly a few times but none of those things threatened his life and he was a happy dog during our vacation.

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