Monday, February 17, 2014

We Need a Break

Last year, long before the thought of adopting a dog was on our radar, we planned for a vacation with my folks in Puerto Vallarta. Husband and I got married there and it's such a beautiful spot. The ocean, the mountains, the Malecon. It's so laid back and beautiful. We all wanted to go back because of how nice and fun it was. We purchased a deal for a hotel and now we are set to go. This week.

Sleeping sound in my lap. He doesn't have any idea we're going to be leaving him for 4 1/2 days.
At first I was nervous about this upcoming vacation. When we first brought him home Barry didn't like when we left and would hurt himself. I imagined that Barry would escape and we'd never see him again. Or that we'd board him and he'd hate it and that he'd be heart broken and miss us the whole time. I googled options and what other people had done in a similar situation. The stress of having a new dog and knowing we'd be leaving the country for a long weekend was nerve wracking! For both me and my husband. We had this crazy dog that would escape and hurt himself trying. He was displaying some signs of separation anxiety and now we had this vacation already planned and paid for.

I then thought of a friend that might be able to watch him. She works near where we live, is single and she could stay over at our place (very ideal) but she goes every day during the week as we do so I would have to show her all the ins and outs of coming and going. I invited her over. She came one night. We didn't really get to connect and show her much about Barry. It just didn't work out that night. No big deal. Except that Husband I were taking this really really seriously. Like he is our child. He's precious to us and we wanted to find someone to love him as we do. We felt like my friend might not be very into it - perhaps she was but that night it just didn't work. I'm glad we started thinking all of this over as early as we did. I'm not sure what we would have done had we waited until the last second. Then Husband's dad was suggested as our dog sitter as he wanted to come to Chicago and visit us anyway.  The timing was perfect for his visit and this seemed like a perfect fit. Maybe. We'd still need to show him all the ins and outs.

Okay, Grandpa, I need da following: summer sausage, canned lamb, bison, and duck.
I like da canned stuff mixed in with my kibble. If you give it to me straight
out of da can dats okay too. I need all dose treats Mom & Dad lock away
in dat cabinet to be more accessible. I like long walks in da park with treats
along da way. I will need you to wub my belly and talk to me. I also need to
sleep with you at night so we can cuddle.
He had walked Barry's cousin, Paxton, plenty of times and seemed to just love animals. Plus, he's retired and has all day to just hang out with the dog. While it was fine to have someone take care of Barry that worked each day, it was even better to have someone take care of Barry that could just hang out all day. Way better. So we invited him to watch Barry during our vacation. Let me just say - he was so excited to be invited for such a thing. He was ecstatic!

This was such a good feeling. To have someone that loves dogs and animals to be watching our baby - well, what a relief. Even if Barry is spoiled and gains weight from extra treats or food then that's fine. We just want him to be happy, exercised, and safe while we're gone. We want to come back from our vacation and have Barry still be here. Do you even know the feeling? If so you'll get this.

Our sweet and strong pup needs to be taken very good care of. We couldn't have it any other way. So currently my father in-law is with us learning the ropes. We've pretty much shown him all there is to know to make Barry a happy pup. He knows how to fill a KONG should he leave during the day for anything. He knows how to walk Barry, how to get around, and how often Barry needs a walk. He knows what Barry can and cannot eat and how much. In general, he loves Barry. A lot. That is the one thing I am happiest about. Even if he over-feeds Barry or isn't as consistent with commands then that's okay.  He'll make up for it by walking him more often than normal and on longer walks probably (from what we've seen so far). I'm just happy that Barry is in capable and loving hands.

Go on, get outta here, and have fun.  Grandpa will take good
care of me. See ya later!
So far I've been super OCD and controlling over this whole thing. I'm trying so hard to just let my father in-law take over and do his thing with Barry because I can see that he's really good with Barry and Barry likes him a lot. There is this strange dichotomy of taking care of Barry with my husband and then relinquishing that care over to anyone else. It doesn't matter that he's capable. It's just strange and I need to chill. I realize this.

I have even gone so far as to create a Word document that includes 4 pages of everything from basic daily needs, to tips and things to look for. I also have included emergency phone numbers, a color print out map of the area we live in and I've marked where the vet clinic is as well as a few other possible need-to know places. I've printed out a list of acceptable foods and toxic foods.  I also have two pages with color print outs of our remote controls and how to use each one.

So, we'll be leaving in a few days and I'll be busy half worrying/half dreaming of sunny Puerto Vallarta. And also packing. This will be my last post this week due to just being too busy.

Have a great week and we'll try to send the warm and sunny weather your way if it's cold where you are like it is here in Chicago!

Til next week! And don't worry about me! I promise not to get into
any mischief while you're gone.

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  1. Enjoy your trip! I'm sure Barry will have a great time with his grandpa!