Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We Learn, We Grow

About a month ago Husband suggested a change in our routine. Not Barry's just ours. In the morning time during the work week Husband will walk Barry while I can catch up on a little sleep, shower up, or whatever. After work I will take Barry out for his walk while Husband relaxes, catches up on some work, or whatever. Then our final evening walk will include the three of us. I was a tiny bit nervous about this at first. Not overly nervous, just slightly. I have walked Barry by myself a number of times. They all end up with a happy dog and we are home safe and sound. I'm not sure why I worry so much. In general I don't really worry about much. Just about Barry and I probably over think how I handle situations with him.

Keeping my eye on you...
Since we've updated our routine I've found time in the morning to do a little tidying or even sleep in an extra twenty minutes or so (which sometimes is very very much needed). In the afternoons when I walk Barry it always turns out to be a joyful thing. Since I rarely walked Barry without Husband present I just assumed he was only really amazing on walks with Husband and that he would not listen to me once we got outside. Turns out I was very wrong. Barry listens very well and he walks right by my side and even looks to me often as we're walking. The first walk I took Barry on, once this new switch took place, I was shocked at how great he was.

Stop worrying,  Mom!
Once again, I've said it before, it's me. I can't really explain it because I don't understand it myself. Even though I know and see how good Barry is, for some reason I just continue to have the idea that Barry won't listen to me on a walk and we'll encounter a gang of squirrels where Barry will break free of my grip and run away and I'll lose him forever. I just think the worst. I don't know why because I'm not like that in any other scenario in life. I'm probably one of the easiest going type of people you'd ever meet. I can't seem to completely get over this little bit about Barry quickly enough.

Silly human. I'm here to stay.
Beyond that, the alone time with Barry and walking him during the week without Husband present is therapeutic for me. Therapeutic as in helping me to relate better to Barry and seeing how Barry respects and appreciates me similar to the way he does with Husband. I think it's making me understand that Barry CAN have a great walk with me, that Barry DOES listen to me, and that it doesn't have to be a worse-case scenario outcome all the time.

I'm a good listener doggone it.
I've come a long way in my understanding of dogs in general and Barry as an individual. Eight months and counting.

Barry is at the back of the picture smiling big. He did great at daycare
and had fun all day.
A daycare update: We took Barry to daycare on Saturday. He was there from 7:30 AM until about 5:45 PM. He got all good remarks. No mounting, he did not go into timeout, and had an amazing day with his new friends. It was the biggest relief to hear that Barry remembered he wasn't allowed to mount and that he learned to not do it at all.


  1. Dang! It erased my comment! I'll try again..

    Way to go Barry! We knew he'd do just great in daycare once he adjusted!
    Have confidence mommy! If you train him right he'll come through for you - sounds like he already is. :-)
    Have you considered micro chipping Barry? It might help to ease your mind for that "worst case scenario" where Barry gets lost after coming to your rescue and chasing off a band of rogue squirrels. Animal Control scans dogs for chips, and good Samaritans take found dogs to vets to be scanned as well.
    Both our pups are chipped, its cheap and you get a lifetime subscription for a one time fee!

    1. Barry is micro chipped. When we adopted him he was already 'chipped. I just worry too much. He also has tags with both my number and my husband's number. Just a worry-wart I guess!

  2. It's just part of being a pet-parent: worrying. I don't think it ever really goes away. I like using a good harness on walks with the roamer leash that attaches to my waist - that way if she suddenly lunges for a squirrel, I know she won't pull the leash out of my hand. Of course, this setup doesn't work very well for a leash-puller like Charlie... so I switch it up once in awhile and use her front-lead harness to keep her in line. Cute pics!