Friday, August 29, 2014

Fall is Almost Here!

Labor day weekend is this weekend. We'll be going to visit Husband's mom in Wisconsin and plan to do some hiking if the weather permits.

It has been quite rainy here in the middle/upper midwest. Rain and more rain. It's been humid and sticky when not raining.

Walking Barry becomes quite the task if it's raining. Sometimes we try and wait it out, see if it lets up a bit. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. We can only wait so long. Poor guy's gotta go out and we can't just deny him potty time. We've been caught in torrential downpour out walking Barry more than a few times. It's not the end of the world but I wouldn't say I enjoy it. I think Barry doesn't mind most rain. He just shakes it off and keeps truckin'. The hard downpours are what he doesn't like. I've never seen him not want to go out on a walk except when it's raining cats and dogs.

Anyhow, rain or shine, summer or fall, Barry still needs to go out. I'm not really done with summer yet but I can't stop fall from coming. When fall gets here then winter is right around the corner. Time to stock up on some sturdy winter-wear for Barry. I know some people are against dressing their dogs but Barry is nearly bald (as I've explained before) on his belly and inner thighs. It gets bone chilling cold here in Chicago. If the cold doesn't bother you then the wind coming off of lake Michigan will. It will slice right through your cute parka and dainty leather winter boots. Style is out the window in winter. That even goes for Barry. He must wear something that covers him a little. The slush, snow, ice, ugh, why am I talking about this already? It's not even technically September just yet.

Don't eat the yellow snow!!
We're also coming up on 9 months with Barry. Soon it will be one year. I think rather than trying to guess his birthday and do birthday parties for him we can do anniversaries with Barry. December third of this year will be one year! I'll have to start thinking about what we can do for him.

We've endured one winter with Barry which included The Polar Vortex. I think we can handle about anything else that comes our way (winter-wise) at this point. Or maybe I shouldn't say that. I wouldn't want to endure another winter like that again. It was brutal but we still had to take Barry out, bundling ourselves up and Barry.

One of the best things we found out about was the Pawz Dog Boots. It keeps the snow and slush away from the inside of the toes and it's still thin enough that your dog has a good grip and is using his own paws for walking which feels more natural. Some people really like the hard soled shoes for their dogs to keep feet warm during the winter but we have never used them and so can't say one way or another about them.

There I go, on about winter again. Let's just enjoy these last few warm days we get and revel in all the fun fall stuff to come (pumpkin lattes & beers, stews, comfy sweaters, football, and the turning trees).

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