Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Take a Hike

On Sunday we went to Starved Rock State Park for some hiking. The weather was not too hot and a little cloudy so it seemed just perfect. We have taken Barry on short hikes before but nothing like this.

We can always use a little more physical activity in our lives and we love hiking. We already know that Barry loves being outdoors and he's got a lot of energy to burn. Hiking is a great solution for everyone.

The drive was about two hours and Barry is great at car trips now. He's gotten used to our trips to visit Grandma and so this was a breeze for him. Once we arrived we were all ready to get out and stretch our legs.

The hike began with Barry quite excited and pulling a lot but after about 20 minutes he eased into it and walked well with Husband. The park is so beautiful. The trails are well marked with board maps throughout in case you get lost. There are a few stairs to reckon with but nothing we couldn't handle. I saw people carrying strollers (with kids in them!) up and down the steep stairs. I thought it was tough bringing an excited young pit bull hiking but, man, have I got it wrong. Taking kids hiking is a whole different ball game.

Barry was very well behaved, calm and enjoyed everything. He was so easy going and he even got in the water when we lead him there. I think he liked the coolness of it. He did start to drink the water so we had to pull him out but since it was moving water we think he might be okay. We'll watch to make sure.

Of course we stopped a few times along the way for slurps of filtered water from home and bites of treats for energy.

We hiked and climbed and it was a wonderful experience. We can't wait to go back for more hiking adventures.

At the end of the day, when we got home, Barry was exhausted. So were we.

Professional hiker and mouth breather extraordinaire.


  1. AWESOME park! Wow... that is some great scenery and Barry is freakin adorable. So glad you are out hiking with him... and the last picture says it all: a hiking dog is a happily tired-out dog. :)

    1. You've got that right! He was a tired guy but he loved it. We, like you, live in a city that's busy and so it's nice to get out of the cement jungle and into nature with him. Not only that, strangely enough, there were no squirrels on our hike. In the city we encounter squirrels constantly and Barry goes nutso over squirrels.