Friday, June 6, 2014

Six Months

He's claimed all of our furniture and our hearts. Pretty corny, but it's sort of true.
It's been just over six months this week since we brought Barry home, since he flipped our lives upside down. I feel like I know so much about him and so little at the same time! He's been a great addition to our household and while he's given us some stressful moments he's returned to us more love than we bargained for. It really does cancel out any of the negative.

First day we brought Barry home.
That being said, I can totally see why someone wouldn't want to have a dog. It's clear that in order to take proper care of a dog you need to put in time and effort and probably a few tears. Well, at least for the Barry types. His excess young energy, his separation anxiety, and the fact that he is a pit bull type. Is it worth it? For Husband and me, yes, it is worth it. It might not be for others, though. I imagine some have a very busy life that just doesn't accommodate for a dog. Some can't afford the training and possible expensive furniture/clothing/floor replacements that many times go with having a dog. For others, they simply aren't cut out for it. All of those reasons are very valid for not having a dog. You are doing yourself and the dog a favor.

They take up all the room on the bed, but you let them because you
love them.
Barry has been and continues to be quite a handful. It's not a bad handful but a very big handful nonetheless. We could train him until perfection is reached. Then we'd need to be totally focused all the time on Barry and only Barry. Once perfection is reached Barry would be an angel and we wouldn't have any of these issues I so often blog about. What is the fun in that, though? While I admire those that put in so much effort, the kind that makes you blue in the face, Husband and I enjoy Barry as is. I mean, we have gone through training for the things that matter most (such as walking down the street without constant pulling) but all in all Barry is a really good dog already. He's cheeky, sure, and rambunctious occasionally, maybe even full-on naughty at times but he's a young dog. We love him like he is. He's mostly obedient, walks well almost all the time, and the majority of our furniture and clothing is fine.

Six months in and I'm head over heals with those sweet brown eyes already. I know Husband feels the same.

That is a baking soda box on the couch, for Barry's latest accident in the back room.
We still love him.

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