Friday, May 23, 2014

Barry's Buttons

We still have to put clothes and shoes away when we're gone during the day, so that Barry doesn't tear them up or chew on them. We've gotten used to that routine. Occasionally we might forget something and sometimes come home to find that it's been untouched by Barry. Good boy, Barry! Other times we come home to find the item left out is done for. In the last month and a half Barry has been enjoying left out clothing or clothing he can pull from our make-shift dresser (IKEA cubby thing with decorative boxes in each cubby that contain our clothes). He hasn't been tearing up the clothing, per say.

Mouth breather & precision expert button eliminator.
He has been methodically chewing off the buttons, one by one. Neatly, for the most part. In most of the clothing items he removes the buttons from there is no discernible damage. Save for the fact that those jeans used to have a button to fasten and now they don't. We'll usually conveniently find the missing button(s) lying next to the clothing it's missing from. It's almost like our dog walker is playing tricks on us. Like she is snipping the buttons off of our shirts, cardigans, and jeans and then placing the button next to the item from which it came. Then we find proof that Barry has been doing this unassisted. A few mangled buttons (the cheap aluminum variety giveaway his teeth marks the best), a tear in the cloth where the button held fast and Barry had to respond with additional force by ripping at the item in order to remove the button. I'm just glad Barry isn't eating the buttons!

Barry doesn't discriminate against which article of clothing is next or what type or texture of button he prefers. He likes them all. Decorative plastic gem buttons, metal jean buttons, epoxy sweater/cardigan buttons, or cloth couch buttons. Size is of no concern either. From the silver dollar size couch buttons to the tiny non working jean pocket buttons (I cannot figure out how he's managed to pull this small of button from anything with his huge mouth), he enjoys them all.

I'm seriously considerings these buttons behind me.
Hey Dad. Do you need all of those buttons on your shirt there? If not,  you know who to
go to to take care of any button issues you might encounter.
At any rate, I have a lot sewing to do. Being that the articles of clothing are all still relatively intact and the buttons are all accounted for (thanks, Barry, for making it that much easier for me) I shouldn't have any issues getting this all done.

You're welcome. No buttons = an easier life.
Now that we've got the wood floors in we will most certainly be buying a proper dresser in which to put our clothing.

Happy Friday!!

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