Monday, October 6, 2014

The 'Ol Switcheroo *Again*

I'm relieved to say that we've returned to The Honest Kitchen food for Barry. I say relieved because this food (for Barry) is like a miracle drug. I was quite worried when we were still giving Barry bland food (a mixture of rice, pumpkin, and very lean beef) and his poo was still mucousy. I thought this was a sign of something else wrong. Why was the bland food not working as it should? Perhaps he was missing nutrients that made him mucousy? I don't know. We got in the new food and 24 hours later he had a totally normal real poo. It had been a couple of weeks since I'd seen a good one. When we went to the vet after his worst ever episode he was on medicine and everything seemed normal. A couple of days after the medicine was gone we were back to the sticky stuff.

Right now we are using Kindly from The Honest Kitchen. It's a base food, not complete. It has everything except the protein. This has been perfect for us. The price is much better than the complete food (it will take us twice as long to use the base and cost half the price). So far it's amazing. Just like it was before.

We'll have to monitor his weight once again to make sure he isn't losing weight or gaining weight (though a couple extra pounds wouldn't hurt the string bean) but I have a good feeling on this. I'm making one day's worth of food at a time now. Split it in two and follow the guidelines for his activity level and weight. We'll adjust as needed.

I'm hoping that this is it for the dinner time and bathroom time with Barry stories.

As for the Merrick we didn't quite use up, we are donating it to the shelter where we adopted Barry from. The food is excellent and the dogs there deserve some good food.

Happy tummy.

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