Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All the Seasons

So, we've survived winter together, made it through spring, and have nearly completed summer. Technically we adopted Barry at the end of fall but it was December and I consider December winter. Period.

I have enjoyed bringing Barry through all these new seasons. It's so much fun! There are quite a lot of things that we thought we'd do or wanted to do but didn't, or things we wound up doing without planning it. I have loved doing things with Barry. The first week to monthish with Barry was a toss up of how much I loved having a dog but I loved Barry right away, always.

On Sunday night we had our first Chicago Bears football kickoff game with Barry! Barry was with us for last year's playoffs but if anyone follows football closely you know the Bears didn't make it to last  year's playoffs so we never had the opportunity to cheer for our team with Barry by our side. I know it sounds silly but I was so excited to have Barry there with us. Plus we finally had the perfect excuse to have Barry wear the Bears jersey my mom got for him. Barry will be wearing it weekly during football season.

Beyond that we have Halloween coming up. I want to get a costume for Barry. I don't know what he should be! I don't want it to be anything too ridiculous or heavy/restrictive for him but I want it to be fun! I'm not really huge on Halloween but now that we have Barry it might be something we can enjoy a little more. Though, I have a feeling Barry won't really get it.

Nope, he doesn't get it. He's in it for the treats.
Then of course is Thanksgiving! I'm very much looking forward to this year's Thanksgiving! The only concern I have right now is that Barry will be given treats or eat from the trash can where scraps are dumped, and he might get sick. I don't mind the occasional treat but most foods we eat at Thanksgiving time are salt bombs. Too much sodium is not okay for any dog. Or person really, but we can handle salt better than dogs can. Also, many people don't know what foods are poisonous for dogs. Some very basic foods that you wouldn't even know can make a dog very sick. I will have to monitor the hands that feed him but I plan on giving him treats too, so there's that.

Not feeling so well. Please take care of me.
 Another exciting thing is fall/winter sweaters! We went through quite a few last year. We got him some really cute ones but most of them were claimed by the burr patch in Grandma's yard. Barry really loves that burr patch. He loves getting his body inside of bushes, or down tree limbs as much as possible. This year I'll be sure to only send Barry outside wearing last year's sweater leftovers.


  1. I love all the seasons! But for different reasons, fall is hot cider and fireplace time, winter is ski-joring, skiing, and snowshoeing, I guess I don't like spring much as it rains over here. And then summer hiking!
    He's so cute! For thanksgiving just tell everyone, "no treats for Barry". That way you can manage and be the all hailed treat giver. :-) It might not keep everyone from doing it but hopefully he won't get too much. My family is pretty good about asking before feeding our dogs.

    And for Halloween last year we made a game out of it with Dante (we only had him and our foster last year), everytime a kid knocked I'd have him sit while I passed out treats. If he sat quietly he got a treat when the door closed. After a bunch of times, knock, bark, sit, wait, pass out candy, close door, give treat...he began running to the door instead of barking and sitting quietly eye's on me the whole time! :-) It was fun! And the kids loved seeing Dante in costume, he was super dog! Still aren't sure what to dress him up as this year though...

    1. I hear you! All the seasons can be really fun but we don't have much a spring here, to be honest. Winter can be absolutely brutal and painfully cold, so... winter might be the least favorite. I do love holiday season, though!