Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Doggie Play Date

On Sunday we headed out to the burbs to meet up with some friends and their dogs. Barry gets a little bit of socialization but he always relishes the moments that he's allowed to play with another dog like he did on Sunday.

Muddy paws = a good time.
This is Kasia. All of the dogs (besides Barry) belong to her. She is holding Anya and
in the foreground is Pancho.
Little Anya.
Barry has met these dogs before but it was on the first day we adopted him. I briefly mentioned a sweet girl dog named Lizzy that we wanted to adopt in one of the first posts I wrote. Well, Barry got to hang out with her (as much as she'd let him) on Sunday as well! I was thrilled to see Lizzy too, she's doing so well and loves her home.

This is the lovely Lizzy.
Lizzy prefers to hang out by herself  (this is why there are not as many pictures of Lizzy)
but we were able to get this picture of  Barry & Lizzy together. 
Barry got snacks and treats, and lots of love, not to mention he got to hang out with some cool dogs. It was a good Sunday.

Pancho followed Barry everywhere. His nose was nearly glued to Barry's bottom!
It is exactly what it looks like. Barry is peeing on the bush while Pancho
is taking in the scent as closely as possible. Hopefully without getting peed on.
Barry chewing on a grass blade while Pancho (in the background) reclaims the bush
Barry previously marked.
We can't wait for our next visit - which we already planned out. Great company and awesome dogs!

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